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December Fitness Specials

New or Existing clients, Group Class junkies, College kids, or on a Weight Loss journey?  There is something for all!

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15% Savings for New Clients

Book a training package in December to save 15% and beat the New Years Resolution rush!

Launching Small Group Classes!

Enjoy some group camaraderie while whipping yourself into shape. Receive semi-personalized instruction in a small group setting for optimal results.


Holiday Deals for College Break

10% student savings on training sessions over winter break. Customize your package.

Free Session for Existing Clients

Receive a free bonus session if you:

  • renew in December

  • refer a new client


(you know how to get in touch with me!) 

Image by Samuel Ramos

The "5" Challenge

5 weeks, 5 pounds, 5 min/day... Reset your Nutritional routine and daily habits to kickstart a healthy eating lifestyle and weight loss.

What have you got to lose?

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