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Gym Proficiency Camp


Is your adolescent new to exercising?  Or unsure if they are exercising with the right form?  Or worried they may unknowingly cause injury? 


This camp sets adolescents up for immediate and long-term success in the gym.

This beginner series includes 4 45-minute, semi-private, sessions to:

  • learn and practice proper exercise form to avoid injury and maximize results

  • learn about the major muscle groups

  • learn how to make mind-muscle connection to optimize workout efficiency

  • learn how to use these exercises in a workout plan

Exercises include: squats, lunges, deadlifts, bench press, planks/pushups, overhead press, rows, lat pull downs/pull ups.

Performing correct exercise mechanics can be the difference between progressing quickly and taking forever to see results.  It is also critical to avoiding injury in the gym.  While there are numerous online resources, influencers, and group fitness instructors, they may not all be experts, and they may not be addressing unique body types, joint angles, flexibility, or limitations.  "Correct form" begins with theory and is customized to each individual.

Session A:   June 19 - 23 - registration closed

Session B:   June 26 - 30 - registration closed

Session C:   July 10 - 14 - registration closed

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