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Technique Sessions

Why learn proper exercise form?

You're spending your time and energy exercising, don't you want to get the most out of it?  Performing correct exercise mechanics can be the difference between progressing quickly and taking forever to see results.  It is also critical to avoiding injury in the gym. 


While there are numerous online resources, influencers, and group fitness instructors, they may not all be experts, and they may not be addressing your unique body type, joint angles, flexibility, or limitations.  "Correct form" begins with theory and is customized to each individual.


This series includes 3 45-minute sessions, and is a "learn and do" format.  It includes verbal instruction and demonstrations, and most importantly, a chance to practice the exercises under expert supervision and critique. 



  • youth & teens (let's get them started on the right track!)

  • those with 0-3 years of gym/workout experience

  • those who have never had individual weight training instruction

  • those who participate in group fitness or cross-fit classes without individualized instruction

  • those who want to improve their progress

Basking Ridge, NJ


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Please contact me to schedule the appointments.

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