"Jen is a Godsend! I used to be a triathlete years ago, then health issues and life events got in the way of keeping up with even doing the basics to take care of my body. I knew I wanted to get back into shape, to get strong again and to feel the balance and stability I remembered from when I was younger. However I wasn’t sure I could do that safely and in a way that was fun and rewarding. Well, I found out that I can! I am! Working out with Jen has given me the confidence, the balance, the strength, the excitement and pure joy I remember that sports gave me when I was younger! And she knows her stuff! She has worked with me at just the right speed to build my body up safely and holistically. Thank you Jen!!! Each workout is an adventure and I cannot believe how absolutely wonderful I feel inside and out."


A.A., female age 49


Image by Jeremy Bishop
Image by Blake Verdoorn

"Jennifer is a great personal trainer! I appreciate her commitment to me by keeping record of my improvements through our sessions, with great detail. I also enjoyed each of her circuits she created. As a H.S. student, I saw a lot of strength improvement & would recommend Jen as a personal trainer!"


E.M., female age 18


"I’ve been training with Jen now for 5 months. She is a very knowledgeable trainer and very thoughtful in her approach – she really knows her stuff! She is super attentive to my needs and what I aspire to do in my training. She is reliable and she’s creative in the workouts. Most of all, I look forward to my time with Jen and feel it’s making a difference in my overall mental and physical well-being! I’d highly recommend working with Jen to my family and friends (my husband has started with her too!)"


H.O., female age 54


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"After 10 personal training sessions with Jen I see so much improvement within my strength. I'm lifting way more then I ever thought I could. My endurance has improved so much and she also motivates me to become better and better each time! Overall I’m very happy with my results!!"


A.B., female age 23


"Working with Jen is an absolute pleasure. She is always pleasant, professional, communicated well, is firm, yet still flexible when needed. I have the awesome experience of her being my first personal trainer! I began to see and feel results within the first couple of weeks which was very motivating in my desire to keep pushing in my fitness journey. Keeping me on track was very important because my goals were specifically for military purposes. She carefully considered my goals and crafted a very personal workout plan that would ensure I made progress in the exact areas necessary while still balancing the training with my everyday life. Jen is always encouraging, has a positive outlook, and easily pushes me beyond my mental limitations. She is also very knowledgeable and always ready to answer my questions or concerns, before, after, and during our sessions. If it was something that she didn't know, she was quick to find out and get back to me with a quality answer. I could not have asked for a better first experience and I highly recommend her to anyone."


M.A., male age 29


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"I highly recommend personal training with Jen. I’ve gained upper body strength, lost some weight and I especially like how her exercises combine core workouts with resistance training of other muscle groups. She’s a great teacher, has fun, and knows how and when to push for an extra rep."


J.S., male age 61


"Love my workouts with Jen at Coreform360. She is very knowledgeable and she keeps the workouts fun and high energy. Working out with her makes the time just fly by. Highly recommend!!"


J.S., female age 45


Image by Stefan Wagener

"I have worked out with Jennifer one-on-one, it has been a lot of fun. She understands everyone has a different fitness goal and knows how to design the workout accordingly. She is also friendly and easy to communicate so you can always speak to her if anything doesn’t feel right. I highly recommend."


J.K., male age 36