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2 Week NO EXCUSE Workout Challenge

  • 14Days
  • 24Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


These workouts take less time than your wait in a Starbucks line and cost less than your Starbucks house coffee. Complete these quick, no equipment, NO EXCUSE, 2-minute workouts every day for 12 days. You have 2 weeks to complete this challenge (yes, you get a couple of rest days!). That's it! 2 minutes a day to help get your body and heart healthy! If you are feeling energized, don't hesitate to do more than one round... I won't stop you.


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"Really feeling stronger after each workout and enjoying that time for myself."

"Whew! work out #3 completed, liking the variety"

"I feel really energized!"

"Completed and starting week 3. Feeling stronger!"

"First off, Jennifer, you are so fabulous! I love your workouts. They're easy to follow along and you are such a natural trainer, motivator, leader."

"In my second time through the workouts, after repeat of workout 5,  I think my strength must be improving as I've upped the weights."

"I just started from the beginning again.  Repeating workout #1, it's easy to see progress. I was able to double my weight on all the exercises! Ok ok, admittedly I started with only 5lb weights, but it's progress nonetheless."

"You rock Jennifer! So grateful you are doing this as it’s definitely kick starting my muscles post-pandemic mush :-D"

"This was another great workout. I really like when you tell us the proper FORM, even on the warm-up exercises"

"I really enjoyed it (as much as I can actually enjoy exercise :-p )"

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