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Protein and Athletic Performance: They go Hand in Hand!

If you're wondering how protein can quickly help enhance your performance on the field, you're in the right place! Here's how!


Protein has been proven to greatly assist in muscle recovery and progression. Whether you are looking for that aesthetic physique or improving performance, Protein is ESSENTIAL! The amino acids found in protein are known for their part in repairing, maintaining, and building muscle tissue. Simply put, protein will drastically enhance your training progress. On the field it'll help improve endurance and power output. Protein is the fuel necessary for your body to thrive, without it, your overall performance will be suboptimal.

Important to note...studies have shown that the quantity of protein taken daily and the timing of intake is critical for recovery and performance. This means that your body needs to have regular doses of protein throughout all of your daily meals and snacks. Learn more about quantity and timing here:

Protein Options:

There's a variety of ways to increase your protein intake! Thankfully, each way comes more convenient than the last...

Protein sources
Easy protein options to consider...

We at coreform360 appreciate you tuning in, sending countless gains till next time! Learn more about us here...

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