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WHY Routine Is Important For Starting Your School Year

Written by Colton Rooney

As September kicks-off, both high school and college students are faced with the shift of returning to the familiar routine of school and homework. As many are adjusting to these radically different routines, students may neglect the consistent workout schedules that led to noticeable results over the summer. The crazy fall schedule can often result in abandoning gym routines all together for simplicity sake, and potentially losing those gains.

Physical Benefits of Working Out During the School Year

Maintaining a consistent gym schedule amidst school work can prove to be effective in keeping up with in-season sports, maintaining progress, and improving energy and sleep quality.

  • Staying in Shape for School Sports - Being in-shape and prepared for upcoming sports seasons is a key incentive to maintaining a steady fitness routine. Whether it be preparing for track and field, baseball, or basketball, to name a few, strength training and conditioning workouts are crucial to effective performance and minimizing the chance of injury during the season.

  • Increased Energy Levels - School can be both physically and mentally draining. Therefore, keeping energy levels high is integral to academic and social success. A consistent workout schedule can assist in boosting energy levels and reducing fatigue, making school days feel more manageable. Simple aerobic exercises can improve the cardiovascular system and strengthen lung health leading to higher energy levels.

  • Better Sleep - A consistent workout schedule also has a positive impact on sleep quality. HealthLine supports the notion that an increased body temperature from working out allows for body temperature to decrease and stabilize during sleep. Similarly, studies support that normal exercise programs promote better sleeping habits and increase sleep latency. Improved sleep can heighten concentration, contributing to improved learning, test-taking, and academic success.

Mental Benefits of Working Out During the School Year

Along with the physical results associated with consistent workout schedules, there are also many mental benefits. These include improved general mood, increased concentration in academic environments, and higher self-esteem.

  • Increased Concentration - Research suggests that adolescents gain an increased sense of concentration after a physical workout such as running, weight-lifting, or aerobic exercises. Similarly, studies also find that even a twenty minute walk in between different class assignments can prove effective in heightening concentration and focus. It's important to find time, whether it's before or after school, to do some physical activity ranging in intensity.

  • Improved Mood: HealthLine reports that exercise simply makes you feel happier through an increased sensitivity to the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine. Exercise also releases endorphins, which alleviates feelings of sadness or fear. Because of this, consistent exercise could potentially prevent long-term anxiety or depression and improve socialization during the school day.

  • Higher Self-Esteem: Consistent exercise can also build confidence through an improved body-image. Newfound results from strength training and cardio workouts may improve confidence, driving many to meet new people, try new things, and take positive risks within their school days.

When To Find Time to Work-Out

Many reduce their summer fitness routines simply due to lack of time. Despite busy schedules associated with both high school and college, a quick workout at the gym or even a walk through the neighborhood can be feasible with the right planning. Here are some ideas:

  • Improving your sleep schedule to help with an earlier wake-up and workout before school. You may also benefit from feeling more refreshed for your day!

  • Find an open timeslot to take a walk or exercise over lunch, after school, or between other hobbies. Whether it's a simple forty-five minute high-intensity cardio workout or a thirty minute weight-lifting session - there will always be desirable benefits.

  • Schedule your workouts like you would schedule school or social activities. Consistency will make it a habit that becomes part of your regular routine.

  • Always have your workout clothes on-hand in your bag or locker so you never have a fashion excuse not to exercise.

CoreForm360 wishes you a productive and fun first day of school and many effective yet challenging workouts!

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